La Maré Bay Harbor Islands marks a transformative moment in the evolution of one of South Florida’s most exceptional neighborhoods. Crafted by the visionary minds at Regency Development Group and brought to life through the iconic designs of Kobi Karp Architecture, this pre-construction gem stands as a testament to luxury living in a prime bayfront setting. With its strategic waterfront location, La Maré is poised to offer its residents not just homes, but sanctuaries that blend seamlessly with the tropical waterfront landscaping and panoramic bay views that define the area.

The allure of Bay Harbor Islands goes beyond its scenic vistas, offering a unique blend of tranquility, privacy, and accessibility to the vibrant life of South Florida. La Maré takes full advantage of this exceptional neighborhood, ensuring that every aspect of its design and amenities encourages residents to engage with the outdoors in mind. From sunrise views over the bay to serene walks in the natural environment that surrounds the property, living here means experiencing the best of a waterfront lifestyle every day.

But what truly sets La Maré apart in the competitive landscape of luxury real estate? Is it the unparalleled commitment to integrating the natural environment with state-of-the-art living spaces, or perhaps the promise of a lifestyle that keeps the outdoors in mind, providing a unique experience in the heart of an urban paradise? How will La Maré redefine waterfront living in Bay Harbor Islands, and what opportunities does it present for those seeking to invest in a life of unparalleled luxury and serenity?

Here’s Kobi Karp’s Latest Masterpiece: The La Maré Bay Harbor Islands

In an ambitious move that marries innovation with luxury, Chicago-based Regency Development Group has announced the launch of La Maré Bay Harbor Islands, a sophisticated addition to South Florida’s real estate landscape. This project introduces two distinct but harmoniously designed modern contemporary boutique residential buildings, offering a fresh perspective on upscale living. Designed by the globally acclaimed architect Kobi Karp, La Maré comprises the 33-unit Regency Collection and the 9-unit Signature Collection, presenting a rare opportunity to experience vertically stacked tropical luxury villas in one of Miami’s most desirable enclaves. According to Profile Miami, this development signifies Regency Development Group’s premier venture into the South Florida market, with residences ranging from $1.375 million to $8 million, setting a new benchmark for luxury construction condos.

A Commitment to Sustainable Luxury

‘La Maré is not just about creating residences; it’s about crafting a lifestyle that resonates with the modern homeowner’s desire for sustainability, luxury, and comfort,’ said Kobi Karp. The project’s ethos, deeply rooted in honoring its natural surroundings, leverages recycled materials to forge a connection with the environment. The strategic positioning of each building on the island optimizes sunlight and natural airflow, enhancing the living experience with breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. This environmentally conscious approach, combined with LEED-certified spaces, underscores a commitment to sustainable living without compromising on luxury.

Sky Villas: Redefining Family Living Spaces

Michael Troyanovsky, Managing Partner of Regency Development Group, emphasizes the project’s family-oriented vision: ‘We’re creating sky villas that provide families with expansive living and entertainment spaces.’ La Maré is designed to cater to the specific needs of families, offering direct access to Miami’s top dining options and highly ranked schools. The Regency Collection’s eight-story glass-clad modern boutique building will feature residences with panoramic ocean views, private elevators, and generous outdoor living spaces, redefining the condominium building experience.

Premier Facilities and Architectural Brilliance

La Maré sets itself apart with exclusive building amenities, including state-of-the-art fitness centers and residential lounges. Kobi Karp likens the Regency Collection’s design to a Harlequin butterfly, ensuring flow-through residences are bathed in natural light, providing an immersive outdoor experience indoors. The Signature Collection further elevates the custom experience with privacy-centric designs, offering one residence per floor on the top four floors, and a standout waterfront sundeck residence at the lobby level.

An Unrivaled Living Experience

The allure of La Maré extends beyond its architectural brilliance to include bayfront verandas, lush outdoor spaces, and a resort-style rooftop pool deck. These exciting condo buildings are designed to be LEED-certified, integrating all-glass balcony shadow boxes and green rooftops to minimize energy loads and enhance the natural cooling system. The use of recycled locally sourced materials throughout the interiors, alongside luxury Italian brand fixtures and Miele appliances, offers residents a unique blend of sustainability and opulence.

La Maré Bay Harbor Islands represents a significant milestone in luxury construction condos, promising an unparalleled living experience in one of South Florida’s most prestigious neighborhoods. With groundbreaking slated for later this year and completion expected in 2026, this development is poised to become a beacon of modern luxury and environmental stewardship. As we look forward to the unveiling of La Maré, one cannot help but anticipate the transformative impact it will have on Bay Harbor Islands and the luxury real estate market at large.

A Peek into the Elegance of La Maré Bay Harbor Islands: Beyond the Ordinary in Luxury Living

La Maré Bay Harbor Islands represents the pinnacle of luxury living, a beacon of modern architecture and sustainable design brought to fruition by the collaborative genius of Regency Development Group and renowned architect Kobi Karp. This pre-construction marvel stands as a testament to elegance, offering a collection of 33 luxury residences that redefine waterfront living. From the expansive living spaces adorned with the finest materials to the breathtaking bay views, La Maré is designed for those who seek unparalleled luxury and a deep connection with Miami’s vibrant lifestyle.

A Masterpiece of Design and Luxury

  • Exceptional Living Spaces: La Maré’s residences are a symphony of luxury and sustainability, featuring recycled, locally sourced materials that blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of Bay Harbor Islands. Each unit, ranging from two to four bedrooms, is a masterpiece of design, boasting up to 10’4” grand ceiling heights, panoramic bay views through floor-to-ceiling windows, and private elevators that open directly into your home.
  • Sustainable Elegance: The interiors are a testament to eco-friendly luxury, with bleached driftwood, travertine, and sand-colored natural stones creating serene, modern living spaces.
  • Gourmet Kitchens and Spa-Like Bathrooms: Custom Italian kitchens by Antonio Lupi, stone countertops, and Miele appliances set the stage for culinary exploration, while primary bathrooms feature dual showers and deep soaking tubs for ultimate relaxation.

Exclusive Amenities for a Refined Lifestyle

  • An Oasis of Leisure and Beauty: La Maré doesn’t just offer homes; it offers a lifestyle. The green rooftops serve as a lush escape, doubling as insulators while providing a unique space for relaxation and entertainment. The ground level features two prestigious Bay Villas, each with its own pool and summer kitchen, offering a private retreat within this exclusive community
  • Fitness and Entertainment: A state-of-the-art fitness center and residential lounge cater to both your physical well-being and social life.
  • Outdoor Luxury: The bayfront outdoor space, complete with landscaping, boat slips, and lounge areas, ensures that every moment at La Maré is imbued with the essence of waterfront luxury.

Location: At the Heart of Everything

Strategically situated at 99927 E Bay Harbor Drive, La Maré offers immediate access to the best of Miami. From the vibrant shopping districts and gourmet restaurants to the iconic beaches and cultural hotspots, residents are just a short drive from the heart of South Beach, Coconut Grove, Wynwood Miami, and beyond. La Maré is not just a residence; it’s your gateway to the rich tapestry of experiences that Miami offers.

In essence, La Maré Bay Harbor Islands is more than just a place to live—it’s a lifestyle choice for those who demand the best in luxury, design, and location. With construction set to complete in 2026, this visionary project by Kobi Karp and Regency Development Group is poised to become one of the most coveted addresses in Bay Harbor Islands, offering an unparalleled living experience that is both indulgent and intimately connected to nature.

Elevate Your Lifestyle with La Maré Bay Harbor Islands: Your Exclusive Opportunity with Katia Reisler

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