The unveiling of the third residential project in the Bay Harbor Islands elevates the standard for luxury living in South Florida, offering an exclusive collection of luxury construction condos designed to blend seamlessly with the tropical landscape. This latest addition exemplifies upscale living in a prime bayfront setting, where residents can bask in the beauty of panoramic bay views and the tranquility of pristine beaches. Each residence within this peaceful enclave has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every moment at home is a testament to luxury and comfort.

As a beacon of luxury tropical living, this residential building stands as a unique offering in the Bay Harbor Islands, catering to those who seek an exceptional living experience. The project’s location is strategically chosen to maximize the natural beauty and serenity of South Florida, allowing residents to enjoy a lifestyle defined by breathtaking views and elegant surroundings. The design of each condo reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation, setting a new benchmark for quality and sophistication in residential living.

This development is more than just a collection of homes; it represents an opportunity to be part of an exclusive community that values privacy, luxury, and harmony with nature. The Bay Harbor Islands have long been recognized as a peaceful enclave for those who appreciate the finer things in life, and this project continues that legacy. Offering unparalleled access to panoramic bay views, luxury tropical living, and the pristine beaches of South Florida, this residential building is poised to become the next landmark in luxury living, promising an unmatched lifestyle for its residents.

The Bay Collection: A New Chapter in Luxury Living by La Maréla mare bay harbour islands front building with coconut tree

As reported by Haute, Regency Development Group, renowned for its dedication to creating luxury real estate masterpieces, proudly introduces The Bay Collection, the latest jewel in its La Maré brand. This boutique residential project follows the acclaimed Regency and Signature collections, setting a new standard for modern living spaces in Bal Harbour, FL. Comprising nine exquisite three to four-bedroom units, with pricing from $3,975,000 to $9,000,000, The Bay Collection is poised to redefine the luxurious lifestyle landscape.

Discover Unmatched Location and Panoramic Beauty: The Ultimate Waterfront Experience

Perched on East Bay Harbor Drive, The Bay Collection boasts the most exceptional views on the island, offering residents a seamless blend of tropical waterfront landscaping and pristine residences. Its waterfront location is strategically chosen for not only its breathtaking ocean vistas but also for providing residents with an immersive lifestyle mere moments from the sandbar’s serene beauty. This unparalleled setting ensures that each day is a custom experience, defined by panoramic views and refined ease.

Architectural and Interior Elegance: Where Design Meets Serenity

The architectural marvels of The Bay Collection are the brainchild of Kobi Karp Architecture, with interiors by Debora Aquiar Arquitetos, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and serenity. The design emphasizes natural sunlight and picturesque views of Biscayne Bay, turning every moment at home into a tranquil retreat. This project promises to be an architectural and aesthetic landmark, offering contemporary living spaces that epitomize luxury and tranquility.

Exclusive Living with World-Class Amenities: Elevate Your Lifestyle

The Bay Collection is more than just a residence; it’s a lifestyle. Highlighting its boutique nature, the project includes a penthouse and a Bay Villa, offering the charm of single-family homes with the convenience of condominium living. La Maré’s Bay Villas, first introduced for their Signature Collection, present a unique opportunity for living in limited condos that blend private home comforts with access to luxurious amenities like an extraordinary marina, a rooftop pool, kitchen, and state-of-the-art gym facilities.

A Vision for the Future: Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury Living Today

With construction set to commence later this year and completion anticipated by Spring 2026, The Bay Collection aims to deliver opulent residences with luxury finishes to meet the high demand of the area. Michael Troyanovsky, Managing Partner and Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Regency Development Group, articulates the vision of offering pristine residences that cater to those seeking a luxurious lifestyle in a boutique residential setting. This project not only promises modern living spaces but also a lifestyle enriched by tropical waterfront landscaping and panoramic views, all designed to create a custom experience for each resident.

The Bay Collection by La Maré represents a significant milestone in the evolution of luxury real estate in Bal Harbour, FL. Through the meticulous crafting of limited condos that marry contemporary living with tropical elegance, Regency Development Group continues to elevate the standard for a luxurious lifestyle. As this prestigious project unfolds, it beckons those who aspire to live in architectural marvels that offer a harmonious blend of the natural beauty of Bal Harbour and refined modern luxury.

More on the Exquisite Elegance of La Maré Bal Harbour Luxury Homes

La Maré Bal Harbour redefines the concept of waterfront luxury living with its stunning collection of generous residences. Each of the 33 units, ranging from two bedrooms and two baths to expansive four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath sanctuaries, offers an abundance of natural light and breathtaking views through floor-to-ceiling windows. These homes, spanning from 1,600 to over 4,000 square feet, are designed with laid-back elegance and the outdoors in mind, ensuring that residents enjoy a seamless transition between indoor luxury and the beauty of Bay Harbor Islands.

la-mare-bay-harbor-islandsA Masterpiece of Design and Comfort

At La Maré, Italian fixtures by Antonio Lupi, alongside elegant custom kitchens and bath fittings, set a new standard for luxury interiors. The blending of bleached driftwood, travertine, sand-colored natural stones, concrete, and metals creates modern sprawling living areas that are as idyllic as they are sophisticated. The addition of private and/or semi-private elevators that bring residents directly to their homes underscores the exclusivity and privacy offered by La Maré.

Amenities That Redefine Tropical Living

The Bay Villas and penthouses stand as pinnacles of tropical villas, each boasting private pools, summer kitchens, and spiral staircases that enhance the allure of these waterfront homes. The building’s amenities extend this luxurious lifestyle, featuring green rooftops designed not only for leisure but also as natural insulators, alongside a state-of-the-art gym, lush landscaping, and a pool that serves as the heart of the community’s social life.

Secured Comfort and Unparalleled Views

Secured parking garages provide peace of mind, while the private storage for each residence adds a layer of convenience. The architectural design maximizes the use of terraces, perfect for entertaining or private reflection, all while offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding waters. This thoughtful combination of features ensures that La Maré is not just a place to live but a sanctuary designed with every aspect of the high-end lifestyle in mind.

La Maré Bal Harbour stands as a testament to luxurious waterfront living, where every detail, from the Italian fixtures to the design of the terraces, is curated to offer residents a life of unparalleled luxury and comfort. With its generous residences, state-of-the-art amenities, and prime location, La Maré is a beacon of laid-back elegance and sophisticated living in Bay Harbor Islands.

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